Boxcar Coffee Roasters

Roasting coffee on the front range of the Rocky Mountains//CO//USA



We moved the roastery!

As some of you know, we have been working towards relocating our roasting and production to our Denver location at The Source since late 2013. 

Well folks, it finally happened! On Friday April 4th we cautiously loaded our 1929 Gothot roaster (and all of it's accessories) into the back of a truck and headed east on highway 36. We enjoyed every minute of roasting in Boulder and are already waxing nostalgic but we are so excited for the next chapter for the roastery and our Boulder cafe.

We just finished our first full week of production in Denver and things went great! Vaj and Janos were full of stories of how things could go wrong from the last time the roaster moved from Gunbarrel to Boulder back in 2011 and we feel very lucky to have avoided any repeats this time around. 

We will be adding more seating to our Boulder cafe in the former roasting room to make sure everyone can take their coffee "for here" without having to worry about finding a place to sit. We can't wait to have an even bigger space for all of our patrons.

We couldn't have done it without the support of our amazing communities in Boulder and Denver. 

Thank YOU!