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Colombia Ciro Hermosa

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HPC_5774 (1).jpg

Colombia Ciro Hermosa

from 15.00

Region: Narino                           

Producer: Ciro Hermosa 

Variety: Colombia

Altitude:  1890 m

Processing:  Washed

Harvest: July - August 2018

Ciro Hermosa owns and operates a small finca near the town of La Union in Northern Nariño; a region that is quickly becoming one of the most revered growing regions in Colombia. Ciro has an experimental streak and has been pushing the limits of his fermentation process, resulting in some really exciting coffees. For this lot he applied a controlled fermentation inside the cherry in closed vessels before depulping, taking care to not over ferment the coffee. Ciro says this process helps enhances sugar content and texture of the coffee while also improving the quality of the acidity.

We purchased this coffee through La Real Expedición Botánica (@larealreb) a collective of small coffee growers, put together by @575cafe in a pursuit of having better market share, transparency and presence on the supply chain. They have identified notable producers who were then advised in processing based on their conditions. The lots go through sampling and quality analysis before being dry milled and packaged by @larealreb and delivered directly from the dry mill to the roaster. The operation is financed through a proprietary crowdfunding initiative in which some of the farmers also take part increasing their final revenue. This transparency model sees coffee going from producers directly to @larealreb and directly to roasters and the chain of feedback works in the exact same way with roasters providing feedback to both the Collective as well as producers. This project falls in line with our sourcing goal of more transparency and Lareb has provided us with a cost breakdown all the way to the farm gate level so we know what the producer was paid.

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