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El Salvador Himalaya Gesha


El Salvador Himalaya Gesha

from 16.50

El Salvador Himalaya Gesha

Direct Trade                

Region: Apaneca

Mill: El Divisadero

Farm: Finca Himalaya

Producer: Mauricio Salaverria 

Varietal: Gesha

Process: Natural Sundried

Elevation: 1400 - 1600 m

The Cup:

An incredibly creamy coffee that had us all thinking of cherry chocolate truffles with a distinct floral aspect to the flavor that is similar orange blossom. The natural processing adds a little bit of sweet fruit character but ultimately this one's more about the creamy body and the chocolate truffle goodness. 

The Farm:

This is our 9th year purchasing coffee from Mauricio Salaverria and his team at Divisadero Farms and the quality that they produce year after year continues to amaze us. Mauricio operates 5 farms around the small village of Ataco located in western El Salvador in the Apaneca range and has produced 4 top 10 COE results and just placed 19th this year. 

This lot comes from his prized Finca Himalaya which produces some of his best coffees due to amazing soil, protection from the  wind and the abundance of shade from beautiful Cyprus and Inga trees. During our visit this past year Mauricio would refer to this coffee as “Baby Gesha” as if he were talking about a new born child! This is the first year these three year old trees have produced enough fruit to harvest and you could hear in his voice the excitement he has for the future of this prized variety and the quality it is capable of. That quality is evident in the cup and we can only expect it to improve as the years go by.

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